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Fractional family office services to help you sort out the complexities of wealth—without bias. 

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Financial decisions are connected & complex.

You want certainty that you’re doing everything you can to protect and keep more of your wealth and income. But when it comes to traditional “wealth management,” there are a lot of moving parts guided by a lot of professionals with a lot of opinions.

So you find yourself at the helm, sifting through conflicting advice that’s dripping with biases, hoping each decision you make is best.

At Sovereign Family Office, we believe:

You deserve whole-picture guidance and support from experienced advisors whose whose compensation isn’t influenced by your choices.

Get a true birds-eye view.

Surrounding yourself with advisors should bring peace of mind, not more doubt. And you’re not short on advisors. CPAs, insurance specialists, real estate agents, and attorneys may offer expertise in their particular area, but their advice is probably limited to that area. That leaves your family to troubleshoot just how significantly a decision in one area will impact another.

Instead, imagine those experienced team members working together to offer unbiased, whole-picture advice on any aspect of your financial picture at any time. That’s what we do.

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How we help.

Many families in your shoes feel like they’ve outgrown their financial advisor but aren’t quite ready to commit to a full-fledged family office. Our services are designed to meet you right where you are. Led by your very own fractional Family CFO, our suite of family office services is entirely customizable for your unique needs.

Investment Services


We offer individualized strategies to achieve your unique investment objectives while aligning with your values.

True Fiduciary Guidance

We embrace the legal fiduciary obligation to place your interests first and target total financial well-being:

  • 100% independent firm
  • Fee-only financial advisor with complete transparency on fees paid
  • Transparent portfolio that is viewable 24/7

Individualized Portfolio Implementation & Monitoring

We use a customized approach to manage your portfolios:

  • Diversification strategies using customized investment models
  • Tax-efficient asset allocations
  • Manager search, due diligence, fee negotiation, and advocacy
  • Ongoing portfolio rebalancing
  • Custom tax-loss harvesting, offsetting taxes on gains and income
  • Values screened investment vehicles

Customized Investment Policy Statements

We customize values-driven, tax-efficient portfolios:

  • Risk assessment
  • Asset allocation modeling
  • Cash flow, tax, and liquidity strategies

Innovative Investments

We can offer insight and access to traditional and non-traditional investments that align with the unique needs of your situation.

Tax Strategy & Planning


We believe it's not how much you earn; it's how much you keep.

Tax Planning & Projections

We offer coordinated support with tax professionals to create strategies designed to minimize your taxes over time:

  • Tax-aware investing
  • Strategies to minimize/offset realized gains
  • Tax-free income strategies
  • Quantified impact of your planned transactions, such as business sales and executing stock options
  • Custom tax-loss harvesting, offsetting taxes on both gains and income
  • Impact analyses of tax policy changes
  • Tax residence analysis
  • Partnership and trust experience
  • Advanced gifting strategies
  • Real Estate tax analysis specialty

Tax Payments

We monitor your income, gains, and losses throughout the year:

  • Evaluation of federal and state withholdings
  • Tax projections
  • Estimated payment assistance and tracking account activity with the IRS

Estate, Philanthropy & Legacy


We offer experienced advice to guide and protect your family's path.

Estate Plan Review

We offer a detailed review of your existing estate planning documents:

  • Review existing documents
  • Illustrate key points of your estate plan in a flowchart and summary
  • Ownership, trustee/executor, and beneficiary review
  • Estate and gift tax calculations

Trust & Estate Planning

We offer coordinated support from legal, planning, and tax professionals:

  • Multi-generational tax minimization strategies
  • Family Endowments
  • Coordination of new trusts, entities & necessary vehicles
  • Business formation, business sale, investment documents
  • Transaction structuring and advisory
  • Review and evaluate your business transactional documents

Asset Protection Planning

We offer a fiduciary insurance assessment:

  • Income replacement
  • Estate liquidity
  • Liability and property
  • Life & disability
  • Buy-sell planning and funding
  • Property and casualty
  • Health beneficiary and ownership review

Family Business Planning


We offer a compass to help your family's direction.

Business Planning

We help you create liquidity and funding for family businesses:

  • Business liquidity services
  • ESOP planning
  • Private equity acquisitions
  • Entity map
  • Capital raise assistance
  • Business document review
  • Business succession planning
  • Employee retirement services (values-aligned)

Risk Management

We work to help you protect your greatest assets:

  • Personal and business asset protection entities
  • Life insurance management
  • Personal and business liability planning
  • Custom risk analysis

Family Office Services


We help you guide your wealth decisions across generations.

Family Governance

We help you establish, provide guidance, and/or execute plans for your:

  • Creation and execution of Family Mission, Vision, and Values Statement
  • Governance for decision-making
  • Letter of wishes
  • Multi-generational family giving and mission mandate

Family Education

We coach you and your family to help you thrive:

  • Next-generation education (financial and life IQ)
  • Annual Family Summit
  • The "100 Year Plan"

Family Dynamics

We design sessions and facilitate interactions for:

  • Multigenerational family meetings
  • Family legacies to help you tell a story, share your wisdom, and pass along lessons learned